Title Web response in mixed mode designs in official statistics
Author Luiten, A.
Workshop Workshop 2014
Year 2014
Abstract Purpose of the study: Three topics: web response in various mixed mode designs, who responds in web, and how to achieve high web response rates. Design/methodology/approach: Various pilots in the ESSnet-DCSS project on web and mixed mode data collection.  Findings: One of the goals of the ESSnet-DCSS is to compile the available knowledge regarding the organization of multi-mode data collection. In this presentation I will address the possible design strategies including web data collection, their implication for costs and response rates, and the recommendations we formulated in the ESSnet on this topic. Second, I will address the findings in the ESSnet on the topic of response rates in web surveys, and what to do to achieve high response rates. Finally, the question of who uses the web will be addressed. Originality/value: Web data collection in official statistics is only just starting, and is a topic of major interest for many countries Research limitations/implications: Findings are highly relevant, because they are gathered by several statistical bureaus, which augments the chance that findings are generalizable to other circumstances. However, designs are very different over NSI’s, so caution is necessary. Practical implications: As the majority of NSIs considers incorporating web data collection in official statistics, these findings may give them a head start, preventing costly trial and error.