Presentations from the ISM workshop at Lillehammer, Norway, Sep. 16-19

  • Rune Gløersen: Opening speech

Questionnaire design in web surveys 1

  • Ashu Conrad: Questionnaire design in web surveys
  • Torgeir Vik: Automated data collection from internal production systems
  • Don A. Dillman: Visual Design and Layout Issues in Web Surveys: Results from Recent Research

Response process in web surveys 1

  • Johan Erikson: Error messages and editing in web questionnaires - a presentation of the present Swedish situation
  • Vasja Vehovar: Internet survey methodology literature: The added value from knowledge technologies applied on bibliographic data
  • Ulf-Dietrich Reips: Experiments on non-response in internet-based research 

Mixed mode design

  • Johan Fosen et al.: The effectiveness and quality of web questionnaires in a business survey
  • Lyn Potaka: Comparability and Usability: Key Issues in the design of internet forms for New Zealand 's 2006 Census of Populations and Dwellings
  • Bjørn Are Holth: Introducing Web in the Norwegian Household budget Survey (HBS): developing an electronic diary for collecting expenditure data from households


Questionnaire design 2

  • Jon Folkedal: Web questionnaire and Web 2
  • Roger Tourangeau: The Impact of the Visible: Heuristics for Interpreting Visual Features of Web Questionnaires
  • Mick Couper: How the shape and format of input fields affect answers 

Coverage and sampling challenges in web surveys

  • Boris Lorenc: A nonparametric approach to weighting web panel data
  • Enrico Fabrizi et al.: Calibration and propensity score weighting in web surveys
  • Wolfgang Bandilla: Sampling bias: From Face-to-face to Web in the German General Social Survey


  • Ger Snijkers: Audit trails and questionnaire design
  • Dirk Heerwegh: Web survey paradata as a tool to better understand the question-answering process

Response process in web surveys 2

  • Trine Dale et al.: A new tool for data collection administration in business surveys
  • Frederik Funke: Data from Visual Analogue Scales - Quality and Comparison to Categorical Scales
  • Wolfgang Neubarth: Applications of the Document Object Model (DOM) in Web Surveys


Questionnaire design 3

  • Mirta Galesic: Using change to improve navigation in grid questions
  • Marek Fuchs: The impact of audiovisual elements in Web surveys
  • Olle Bälter: Excellent compliance for multiple follow-ups using web questionnaires

Final discussion

  • Vasja Vehovar: Wrapping up and looking forward